How to place an order?

The shopping cart page provides the following two options for you to place an order for the content of the cart.

Option 1:
If you rely on your institution’s purchasing department to place an order, click Generate Quote to create an official quote for items in your cart. You can apply a promotion code toward the purchasing price when generating the quote. Once the official quote is created, you can download it. An email with the quote will also be automatically sent to you. You can view all your quotes by going to menu item My Account > Quotes. Once you have your quote, you can forward it to your purchasing manager to place the order. The quote contains detailed instructions on how to place the order. Your purchasing manager can either immediately pay the balance indicated on the quote by credit card online when placing the order, or submit a purchasing order (PO) first and get billed later.
Option 2:
If you have the authority to make an immediate purchase with a credit card, click Purchase Now, and you will be taken through the credit card payment procedure. Again, you will have the opportunity to apply a promotion code toward the purchase. This option is the fastest and guaranteed way to place an order.

Once an order is successfully submitted, an order confirmation email will be sent to you with an order receipt attached. Your project is then initiated. If something goes wrong with your project, we will contact you by email. You can check the status of your order by going to menu item My Account > Orders. Once we finish your project and ship out the order, you will be notified by email, including the tracking number of the shipment.