What services do VectorBuilder offer and how to request them?

VectorBuilder offers a variety of cloning and related services that include the following:

Descriptions of these services are listed under the Services menu item. 

Requesting vector construction service

When you design a relatively simple vector on VectorBuilder, the price and turnaround time for cloning the vector will be automatically calculated and shown on the Vector Information page, so you can immediately add the vector construction service to your shopping cart. For complex vectors, the price and turnaround information may not be available automatically, but you can click the Get Price button on the Vector Information page, and we will evaluate your vector and send you price and turnaround information for cloning the vector. If you ask our scientists to design a vector for you, price and turnaround time for the vector construction service will be provided along with the design. The deliverable for vector construction service is E. coli stock containing the vector.

Requesting services downstream of vector construction (e.g. virus packaging)

When ordering vector construction service, you will have the option to add related downstream services, such as plasmid DNA preparation, RNA preparation (in the case of CRISPR vectors), and virus packaging (in the case of viral vectors).

Requesting other services

To request other services such as BAC modification (recombineering) and library construction, just go to the homepage and click Send Design Request to submit a description of the service you need. We will process your request and get back to you within a day or two with a service proposal, price and turnaround information. You can then add the service to your shopping cart.

If you already have your viral vector made elsewhere and only want to order virus packaging service from VectorBuilder using your own plasmid, you can also do so through the Send Design Request link.

For every service proposal we create for you, there is a unique service proposal ID, which you can use to retrieve the full information of the proposal through the Retrieve Service Proposal link on the homepage. If none of the above services matches your need, or if you have questions regarding our services, you can send in your inquires through the Send Design Request link. You can also contact us by email or phone via the contact info available under the menu item Support > Contact.