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  • Our laboratory has had great success with both viral constructs and ready-to-use virus prepared by VectorBuilder. They provide excellent customer service at a reasonable price, and their website is extremely user-friendly. Very pleased we discovered this company.

    Marco Seandel

    Weill Cornell Medical College, USA

  • VectorBuilder has provided incredible value and customer service throughout the entire process from product selection, custom design assistance, order submission, status reports and ultimate delivery management. The custom products I purchased from them performed exactly as advertised and in fact surpassed my expectations. I would recommend VectorBuilder to anyone requiring this type of product.

    Frank Borriello

    Alloplex Biotherapeutics, USA

  • We ordered adenovirus from VectorBuilder to overexpress our protein of interest in primary mouse hepatocytes. The ordering process, including vector design, was very fast and easy. We received the plasmid and adenovirus within the time frame that was stated during the ordering process and the transduction efficiency of the adenovirus was very high, enabling us to use a low MOI. As a bonus, we also received the control Ad-EGFP adenovirus for free. In the future, I will not use any more siRNA or classical transfection methods on primary mouse hepatocytes, just adenoviruses from VB! I can highly recommend VectorBuilder's services for vector design and adenovirus production.

    Alexander Mayer

    University of Würzburg, Germany

  • VectorBuilder is an intuitive tool to help your need in developing vectors at an affordable price. I was in need of a CRISPR Lentiviral system with a Puro selection due to working with delicate cells that cannot handle FACS sorting pressures. With their online interface, it was easy to construct the vector I wanted and received the vector in a timely manner! It was simple to produce virus and test it in our cell culture and had good knockdown clones. I definitely will be ordering more vectors from Cyagen to finish up my thesis!

    Christophe Langouet-Astrie

    University of Colorado, Denver

  • Amazing experience with VectorBuilder! Ordered plasmids beginning of December, and despite the holiday season they arrived exactly as scheduled. Furthermore, customer support reached out to ask what would be my desired delivery date, considering potential holiday time at my institute. Overall, I am super satisfied, would highly recommend VectorBuilder (which I already do) and will buy from them again. All the best from my side!

    Tamara Tomin

    Medical University of Graz, Austria

  • We began to use VectorBuilder to prepare adenoviral plasmids about a year ago. We normally handled all the cloning stuffs ourselves, but when it comes to adenoviral vectors, because of its large size, sometimes it is kind of tricky for inexperienced students. We decided to give a try on VectorBuilder. One month later, the plasmid arrived and it generated virus that expressed the correct gene. After that, we have ordered more than 10 adenoviral plasmids and they all work fine. VectorBuilder did save us a lot of time.

    Lei Sun

    DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore

  • I ordered a plasmid vector two years ago. The design on the web platform was easy. Contacts with the specialists to arrange further details were excellent: they are very supportive!

    Emanuela Signori

    Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italia

  • I have been using VectorBuilder's cloning service for several years, and am extremely happy with their products and service. Their online design software is very easy to use and provides the most cutting edge solutions for today's most demanding molecular cloning needs. Their customer service is outstanding, with great technical competence and is always on time to delivery the excellent results, which have saved me months of precious research time. I would recommend VectorBuilder to anyone who want the best vector design and molecular cloning service.

    Guohao Dai

    Northeastern University, USA

  • We have ordered quite a few plasmids from VectorBuilder in the past 1-2 years, ranging from regular plasmids, piggybac, and AAV vectors. The products have been delivered on time and worked as expected. Highly recommend!

    Shu-Hsien Sheu

    Janelia Research Campus of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA

  • Using VectorBuilder has transformed the way I do my research. VectorBuilder’s easy-to-use web interface allows me to custom build my own plasmids, freeing up time that I would have wasted cloning and instead letting me focus on the research that really matters. They offer great prices with a fast turnaround time. Their friendly and well-informed technical support team are on hand every step of the way, should you need any help. I would strongly recommend VectorBuilder to anyone wanting to accelerate the progress of their research.

    David M Brown

    University of Nottingham, UK

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