Vectors for mLin28

Gene Information

  • Gene Name mLin28
  • Type ORF
  • Subtype Pluripotency gene
  • Description Mouse lin-28 homolog A gene. Encodes a LIN-28 family RNA-binding protein that acts as a posttranscriptional regulator of genes involved in development, self-renewal of embryonic stem cells and metabolism. Highly expressed in mouse embryonic stem cells and during early embryogenesis.
  • Application Notes It is dispensable for maintaining pluripotency. Can be used to promote efficient reprogramming of a variety of cell types. Regulate the self-renewal of stem cells. Overexpression in mice can cause gigantism and a delay in puberty onset. Enhances tissue repair in some adult tissues by reprogramming cellular bioenergetics. Can promotes the expression of some metabolic enzymes. Can regulate glucose homeostasis in mammals and promote resistance to high fat diet-induced obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • References Cell. 155: 778 (2013); Cell Stem Cell. 19:66 (2016)
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Popular Vector Designs for mLin28(These vectors can be made very quickly)

Gene Expression Vectors
These designs are created with VectorBuilder’s standard backbones containing a ubiquitous promoter driving the ORF of your gene. A marker (e.g. EGFP) is placed in the vector where appropriate.
Vector Description Vector Type Marker Price
mLin28 expression regular plasmid vector Mammalian Gene Expression Vector   Guide  From $159
mLin28 expression lentivirus vector Mammalian Gene Expression Lentiviral Vector   Guide  From $159
mLin28 expression adenovirus vector Mammalian Gene Expression Adenoviral Vector   Guide  From $159
mLin28 expression AAV vector Mammalian Gene Expression AAV Vector   Guide  From $159
mLin28 expression PiggyBac vector Mammalian Gene Expression PiggyBac Vector   Guide  From $159

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