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Vector Academy

Vector Academy is our knowledge base that serves as your resource for diving deeper into all things cloning, viruses, and gene delivery. We’re excited to share our expertise and what we’ve learned from decades of collective experience with you.
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Precision Genetics: Navigating the Cre-lox Toolbox

Keywords: Cre recombinase, conditional knockout, Cre-lox system

The Cre-Lox system, featuring Cre recombinase and loxP sites, is a cornerstone of genetic engineering, enabling precise control over gene expression and modification.

Snip Snap: Time for Transposons

Keywords: Transposable elements, transposase, PiggyBac

Learn about optimization strategies gene delivery systems using transposons and transposases. Here we compare different systems like piggyBac, Sleeping Beauty, and Tol2, detailing their integration mechanisms, carrying capacities, and target preferences.

What's in a Serotype? Decoding the Identity of AAV Variants

Keywords: AAV packaging, AAV capsid engineering, AAV serotype tropism

Dive into the complexities of choosing the right AAV serotype for gene delivery, this guide elucidates the genetic and structural differences between serotypes, their tissue specificity, and evolution, ultimately guiding researchers in selecting the most suitable serotype for their experiments.

Plasmids Crash Course: Many Hosts, One Plasmid Guest

Keywords: Viral vector, origin of replication, promoter

Learn about the components of a plasmid necessary for gene expression, including promoters, ORFs, polyA signals, selection markers, origins of replication, and antibiotic resistance genes.

The Basics of mRNA Therapeutics

Keywords: mRNA structure, lipid nanoparticles, mRNA vaccine

A guide that explores the structure of mRNA molecules, highlighting key features such as the 5' cap, untranslated regions, and coding sequence, and discusses how mRNA therapeutics leverage modified nucleotides and lipid nanoparticles for effective delivery.

My Favorite Cloning Castle

Keywords: PCR, restriction enzymes, ligase

Dive deep into the different steps, strategies, and tricks of gene cloning including different vector backbones, plasmids, PCR, insert types, and gene delivery that are highly adaptable for multiple research scenarios.

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