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Vector Academy

Vector Academy is our knowledge base that serves as your resource for diving deeper into all things cloning, viruses, and gene delivery. We’re excited to share our expertise and what we’ve learned from decades of collective experience with you.
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Shine Bright, Little Cell: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Reporter Gene

Keywords: Reporter genes, fluorescent reporters, luciferase assay

Discover primary reporter types and navigate the roadmap to find whether fluorescent reporters, luciferase, or beta-galactosidase is the best option to detect and measure your gene or element of interest.

Me First! How Do I Optimize a Vector with Multiple Genes?

Keywords: Bicistronic vector, 2A peptide, linker

This guide provides key considerations and troubleshooting tips for constructing vectors with multiple genes, including which linker to use and the importance of optimizing order.

Enhance Your Culture: How to Improve Bacterial Growth for Efficient Gene Delivery

Keywords: Cell culture media, plasmid yield, bacterial growth

Plasmid yield from bacterial cultures can be enhanced by optimizing antibiotics, culture conditions, and even the plasmid itself. This guide showcases how high your yield can be through simple steps.

Slipping under Titer: Why Is My Viral Titer so Low?

Keywords: Viral titer, gene toxicity

If your viral titration is low, it could be because of titration method, improper vector or experimental design, or expression of toxic genes. Here we discuss troubleshooting all of these and more.

Bring on the EtBr: How Can I Be Sure My Gel Reflects My Sample?

Keywords: Agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA conformation, ethidium bromide

A guide to how gel electrophoresis results are influenced by DNA conformation, ethidium bromide concentration, and method of introduction.

Setting up for Success: How Do I Ensure I Have the Right Template for PCR?

Keywords: PCR primer, PCR template, PCR troubleshooting

An overview of PCR with tips on the template to use for your application and a guide to designing and setting up your reaction.

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