How is vector ID assigned?

Each vector created on VectorBuilder is assigned a unique vector ID. You can use this ID to retrieve full information about the vector through the Retrieve Vector Information link on VectorBuilder’s homepage. It can also be used to reference the vector in publications.

All vector IDs start with “VB”. Rules for assigning vector ID are illustrated using the example below.

Vector ID: VB160903-1018vur


     160903: Date (yymmdd) that vector is designed.

     1018: Vector’s serial number.

     vur: Three randomly generated letters to anonymize the ID.

After you have created a vector on VectorBuilder, you can edit its design by clicking the Edit This Vector button on the Vector Information page, but the edited design will result in a new vector ID rather than changing the design under the existing ID. This ensures that once a vector ID is created, it is permanently linked to the same original design.

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