Senior Research Scientist and Principal Investigator (CN)

Job Title:

Senior research scientist and principal investigator (PI)

Job Summary:

VectorBuilder Inc. is a fast-growing biotech company that has established itself as the world’s largest CRO in DNA vector design and cloning, virus packaging, and a range of other life sciences products and services. VectorBuilder has an R&D center in Guangzhou, China that focuses on the gene therapy space. Our Guangzhou R&D center is looking for senior scientists with expertise in gene therapy or related fields to head major research projects in the following areas:

  • Development of gene therapy vectors and delivery methods for targeting specific diseases.
  • Development of new viral vectors with enhanced gene delivery performance and new functionalities.
  • Development and optimization of GMP-grade manufacturing of gene/cell therapy vectors.


  • Set overall research directions and design research strategies.
  • Develop experimental approaches for specific research goals.
  • Analyze data and troubleshoot problems.
  • Attend relevant conferences and give presentations.
  • Provide scientific support to key clients.
  • Supervise research associates.
  • Write manuscripts and publish data. 


  • PhD with experience in gene therapy or related fields (expertise in clinical aspects of gene therapy is a plus).
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct highly original research.
  • Proficiency in a wide range of techniques and processes related to gene therapy research such as design and construction of viral vectors, validation of gene delivery and function in vitro and in vivo, and evaluation of clinical outcome of gene therapy in patients.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese.
  • Ability to travel between the US and China, and possibly spending most of a significant amount of time in China.
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills for working with a diverse group of team members.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to