Stable Cell Line Generation

Stable cell lines, expressing a gene of interest or harboring knockout, knockin or precise sequence changes (e.g. point mutation) at a defined locus, are widely employed in functional studies, drug discovery assays, and recombinant protein production. Stable cell lines can overcome the variation associated with transient transfection and deliver reproducible outcome in ectopic gene expression or endogenous gene modification. In most cases, stable cell line development can be laborious and challenging. Stable cell line construction generally begins with transient transfection or viral transduction, followed by drug selection to ensure that foreign DNA is stably inserted into the genome. In the case of targeted modification(s) of a defined locus, additional screening is required to identify individual clones that carry the correctly targeted DNA alterations.

VectorBuilder can provide stable cell line production services with customized genetic modifications at unbeatable prices with rapid turnaround. VectorBuilder can design and generate tailor-made vectors according to your experimental needs and the characteristics of your specific cell lines.  Chemical transfection, electroporation or viral transduction will be employed where appropriate to introduce the desired DNA changes. After standard drug selection, polyclonal cell populations or monoclonal cell lines will be sub-cultured, verified and delivered to you ready for use. All cells are guaranteed with desired genotypes, contaminant-free and authenticated according to ATCC standards.

How do I obtain stable cell line generation service?

If you would like to discuss generating an overexpression, knockin or knockout cell line including CRISPR cell lines with our experts, you can click the Send Design Request button on our homepage. Our team will address your needs within 2 business days and bring in our experienced scientists to assist with your experimental designs.