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Mammalian Gene Expression Vectors

All-Purpose Gene Expression
Inducible Gene Expression (Tet-On/Off Based)
Conditional Gene Expression (Cre-Lox Based)

Mammalian Non-coding RNA Expression Vectors

Mammalian shRNA Knockdown Vectors


Mammalian CRISPR Vectors

gRNA and Cas9 Coexpression
gRNA Only
Cas9 Only
CRISPR-Based Gene Activation
  • • Lentivirus Synergistic Activation Mediator (SAM) From $99.00 Go to Design
CRISPR-Based Gene Inhibition
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  • • Regular plasmid gRNA sensor (for testing gRNA specificity) From $239.00 Go to Design

HR Donor Vectors (for CRISPR Targeting)

Enhancer/Promoter Testing Vectors

In Vitro Testing
In Vivo Testing

Zebrafish Gene Expression Vectors

Drosophila Gene Expression Vectors

Plant Gene Expression Vectors

Recombinant Protein Expression Vectors


In Vitro Transcription Vectors

  • • In vitro transcription vector (for mRNA) From $99.00 Go to Design
  • • In vitro transcription vector (for in situ hybridization) From $99.00 Go to Design
  • • In vitro transcription vector (for small RNA) From $99.00 Go to Design
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