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Mammalian Gene Expression Vectors

All-Purpose Gene Expression
Conditional Gene Expression (Cre-Lox Based)

Mammalian Non-Coding RNA Expression Vectors

Mammalian shRNA Knockdown Vectors

U6-Based shRNA
miR30-Based shRNA
shRNA Sensor Vectors (for Testing shRNA Specificity)

Mammalian CRISPR Gene Editing Vectors

gRNA and Cas9 Coexpression
gRNA Only
Cas9 Only
gRNA Sensor Vector (for Testing gRNA Specificity)
Gene Targeting Donor Vectors

Mammalian CRISPR Gene Regulation Vectors

CRISPR-Based Gene Activation
CRISPR-Based Gene Inhibition
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Enhancer/Promoter Testing Vectors

In Vitro Testing
In Vivo Testing

Zebrafish Gene Expression Vectors

Drosophila Gene Expression Vectors

Plant Gene Expression Vectors

Recombinant Protein Expression Vectors


In Vitro Transcription Vectors

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