IVT mRNA and LNP Manufacturing

VectorBuilder offers a full range of CRO and CDMO services for in vitro transcription (IVT) mRNA manufacturing and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) therapeutic development. Relying on our revolutionary vector design platform and extensive experience, we can provide optimal in vitro transcription vector designs, large-scale IVT mRNA manufacturing, and LNP encapsulation followed by thorough quality control tailored to a wide range of research and clinical needs. We offer several grades that cover different downstream needs including drug discovery research and pre-clinical studies.

Workflow for Production of IVT mRNA

Grades of IVT mRNA Offered

  • Research-grade mRNA

    Research-grade mRNA is intended for basic research and drug discovery studies. It is made under standard laboratory conditions with stringent QC to ensure high quality suitable for all downstream research needs.

    Learn more about our research-grade mRNA
  • GMP-like mRNA

    GMP-like mRNA is intended for pre-clinical studies such as animal testing of drug safety and metabolism. It is produced in a manner that adopts key features of GMP guidelines, including comparable production process and similar quality attributes. Production is performed in segregated production suites with document control and traceability. GMP-like grade can thus be viewed as a small-scale mimic of the final GMP product, but with much lower cost and faster timeline. Where appropriate, GMP-like mRNA can be produced under and RNase-free fermentation and purification conditions. A certificate of analysis (COA) is provided at the product release. TSE/BSE statement is available upon request.

  • GMP-grade mRNA Coming soon

    GMP-grade mRNA is produced in our certified GMP suite with strict adherence to GMP guidelines. A comprehensive quality assurance system is implemented throughout the production process. A wide range of in-process and release QC assays are performed to ensure that the mRNA meets or exceeds the desired quality and safety standards. A batch release report fully documenting the production process and a COA are provided at product release. Other documentation is available upon request.

Comparison of different grades of IVT mRNA

Research-grade GMP-like 
ApplicationsBasic research, drug discovery, and preclinical studiesPreclinical studies such as animal testing of drug safety and metabolism
Production scalesmRNA: 0.1-10 mg
LNP: 0.1-3 mg
mRNA: 0.01-5 g
LNP: 3-20 mg
Turnaround time49-71 days
‧ Vector design & cloning: 26-36 days
‧ Plasmid production & linearization: 14-21 days
‧ IVT mRNA production: 14-21 days
‧ LNP encapsulation: 9-14 days
59-90 days
‧ Vector design & cloning: 31-41 days
‧ Plasmid production & linearization: 14-28 days
‧ IVT mRNA production: 14-28 days
‧ LNP encapsulation: 14-21 days
Quality systemISO9001ISO9001 while adopting key features of GMP system
Production facilityIn parallel production in shared laboratory spaceProductions done in segregated suites
Document control and traceabilityNoYes
QC and releaseStandard QCPerformed on a case-by-case basis depending on individual project needs (see below)
Aseptic fill/finishN/AAvailable upon request
Storage of retention sampleAvailable upon requestAvailable upon request
Other deliverableCOA1. COA
2. Manufacturing summary
3. TSE/BSE statement upon request

Lipid Nanoparticle Encapsulation

VectorBuilder has a full suite of instruments for lipid nanoparticle mixing and manufacturing followed by thorough quality control. Our production suite can accommodate custom lipid formulations and perform microfluidic mixing, dilution, buffer exchange, sterile filtration, and fill/finish using state-of-the-art equipment.

Figure 1. Representative QC results of LNP-mRNA.

(A) Particle size was determined by dynamic light scattering (DLS) which measures the intensity differences of fluctuated light due to motion of particles. The polydispersity index (PDI) reflects the heterogeneity of a sample on particle size. (B) Zeta potential reflects the stability of LNP. The Zeta potential of the sample is between -1.872 mV and +1.872 mV.

Quality Control Assays

ProductAttributeQC Assay
IVT DNA templateConcentrationSpectrometry
IdentityGel electrophoresis, Sanger sequencing
LinearizationCapillary gel electrophoresis
Residual host E. coli DNAqPCR
mRNAConcentrationUV-Vis spectrometry
IdentityCapillary gel electrophoresis, reverse transcription followed by Sanger sequencing
Capping efficiencyLC-MS, Capillary gel electrophoresis
PolyA tail integrityLC-MS, Capillary gel electrophoresis
Residual proteinNanoOrange assay
Residual plasmidqPCR
dsRNADot blot
EndotoxinKinetic chromogenic assay (KCA)
LNPEncapsulation efficiencyRiboGreen assay
Diameter, PDI, and Zeta potentialZetasizer

Additional Offerings

In addition to mRNA, VectorBuilder offers IVT Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA for CRISPR gene editing as well as self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA). LNP formulations can be used to encapsulate IVT mRNA molecules, siRNA, and plasmid DNA allowing for multiple methods of gene delivery.


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