Plasmid DNA Preparation

High quality plasmid DNA is integral to many molecular biology techniques such as cloning, transfection/transformation, virus packaging, mutagenesis, protein production, Southern blot etc. VectorBuilder’s plasmid DNA preparation service allows you to obtain high-quality plasmid DNA on a desired scale in a rapid and cost-effective way. Our robust production and stringent quality control ensure that the plasmid DNA we provide is of high purity and can satisfy all kinds of downstream experiments.
How do I obtain plasmid DNA preparation service?

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Price and turnaround time
High Copy Plasmid
Medium/Low Copy Plasmid
Scale Application Deliverable Price (USD) Turnaround*
Miniprep Molecular biology DNA (>200 ng/ul, 50 ul) $49 1-2 days
Midiprep Molecular biology and cell culture DNA (>1 ug/ul, 100 ul, endotoxin-free, sterile) $99 3-5 days
Maxiprep DNA (>1 ug/ul, 300 ul, endotoxin-free, sterile) $139
Megaprep DNA (>1 ug/ul, 1 ml, endotoxin-free, sterile) $239
Gigaprep DNA (>1 ug/ul, 10 ml, endotoxin-free, sterile) $799 6-8 days
Scale Application Deliverable Price (USD) Turnaround*
Miniprep Molecular biology DNA (>100 ng/ul, 50 ul) $49 1-2 days
Midiprep Molecular biology and cell culture DNA (>500 ng/ul, 100 ul, endotoxin-free, sterile) $99 3-5 days
Maxiprep DNA (>500 ng/ul, 300 ul, endotoxin-free, sterile) $139
Megaprep DNA (>500 ng/ul, 1 ml, endotoxin-free, sterile) $239
Gigaprep DNA (>500 ng/ul, 10 ml, endotoxin-free, sterile) $799 6-8 days

* Our plasmid DNA is stored in 1x TE buffer.

** Estimated turnaround is the time from production initiation to completion. It does not include waiting time for any customer-supplied materials (e.g. template DNA), QC of such materials, and transit time for shipping final deliverables to the customer.

*** If you are interested in Megaprep and Gigaprep services, please send a design request to us for details. Discount may apply for bulk order.

Animal-free plasmid DNA preparation

In addition to the above-mentioned scales, we offer animal-products free plasmid DNA preparation services to provide you with plasmids that are free of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) including bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Our production process has been optimized so no animal-derived components are used during manufacturing. The culture media we use consists of a plant-based tryptone substitute which replaces the traditional bovine-derived tryptone. Our DNA purification is conducted via non-enzymatic processes to circumvent the usage of RNase. The plasmid preparation is performed at separate lab stations by trained technicians to ensure the plasmids are free of contamination. TSE/BSE statement is available for supporting your regulatory submission. Please send a design request to us to get a detailed service proposal.

Quality control

Common QC we perform for plasmid DNA includes DNA quantification, A260/280 and A260/230 measurement, restriction enzyme digestion, Sanger sequencing, recovering bacteria from glycerol stocks, and re-transformation.

Customer-supplied vectors

If customer-supplied vectors are needed, please send us the vectors following the Materials Submission Guidelines. Please strictly follow our guidelines to set up shipment to avoid any delay or damage of materials. All customer-supplied materials undergo mandatory QC by VectorBuilder which may incur a $100 surcharge for each item. Please note that production may not be initiated until customer-supplied materials pass QC.


Please refer to our Vector FAQ for commonly asked technical questions. To get additional information about what we can offer, please contact VectorBuilder's service team following the contact information here.