2023 VectorBuilder Referral Program

2023 VectorBuilder Referral Program

Jan 10, 2023

VectorBuilder is delighted to announce the launch of its 2023 VectorBuilder Referral Program, to provide our valued customers with an opportunity to save more on their upcoming vector or virus purchases. To take advantage of this promotion, please follow these simple steps. Read More ››

Terms & Conditions

  • VectorBuilder reserves the right to explain the rules of the promotions and determine the eligibility of participants.
  • Discounts/rewards can only be applied to qualified orders, such as orders placed during the stated promotional period, orders containing stated promotional items, and orders with qualified subtotal values.
  • Discounts/rewards from different VectorBuilder promotions cannot be combined with other offers or promotions unless specified.
  • Unless specified, promotional offers are only valid for VectorBuilder English website direct-buy customers and are not applicable in China, Japan, and South Korea markets.
  • VectorBuilder reserves the right to nullify any discount/reward if the process of obtaining the discount/reward is deemed inappropriate.
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