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Bruce Lahn, PhD | Chief Scientist

Bruce obtained his BA from Harvard University and PhD from MIT. He has an extensive track record in both academia and industry, including chaired professorship at the University of Chicago and investigatorship at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), and founding or chief scientific advisory functions for a number of research institutions and successful biotech enterprises.

Bruce’s expertise span many fields including biotechnology, genetics, genomics, epigenetics, stem cell biology and evolution, and has over 100 publications and patents. His leadership in research and the biotech industry has also won him numerous awards and a reputation as a restless innovator and disruptor.

Many problems have multiple solutions. The question is, which is most efficient?
Kristofer Mussar, PhD, MBA | Chief Operating Officer

Kristofer Mussar graduated from University of Georgia with a PhD in Molecular Genetics where he focused on Epigenetics and Evolution. He simultaneously obtained his MBA from the Terry College of Business, being the first to do so, thereby opening the door for others at UGA to follow this path. Prior to this, he has multi-research backgrounds starting in Organic Chemistry and Structural Biology and evolving to Bioinformatics and Genomics where he developed algorithms to detect novel ncRNAs.

Kristofer is the Managing Director of VectorBuilder GmbH and COO of VectorBuilder Inc. Joining VectorBuilder in its inception, he quickly opened VectorBuilder GmbH a year after and has been running VB operations ever since. He has helped ignite the fast development of VectorBuilder and is a core leader in the senior management team.

Ambition drives success.
Matthew Wheeler, PhD | Chief Commercial Officer

Matthew joined VectorBuilder as Associate Director for Europe before transitioning to Chief Commercial Officer. He has played a major role in driving the brand and growth of VectorBuilder from a relative unknown to a global leader in the industry.

Prior to joining VectorBuilder, Matthew was a group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Germany. His research focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling skeletal and cardiac muscle development, homeostasis, and disease.

Matthew earned his PhD at Imperial College London studying the structure and function of class II PI3K enzymes.

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Jason Ye, PhD | Chief Technology Officer

Jason joined Vectorbuilder as R&D director with a focus on developing and optimizing the manufacturing process and analytic methods for variant advanced therapies. He is now leading the CDMO team and in charge of the GMP manufacturing for vectors for clinical purposes. 

Prior to joining VectorBuilder, Jason graduated with a PhD degree in Fudan University, and his research focused on the animal models and molecular mechanisms of genetic diseases.