AAV Serotype Testing Panel

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) have emerged as the most effective viral vectors for gene therapy due to their ability to transduce a wide variety of mammalian cell types and their low immunogenicity in host organisms. VectorBuilder offers the AAV serotype testing panel to enable users to select the optimal AAV serotype for specific applications by systematic comparison of a variety of serotypes in cells or in animals. Our AAV serotype testing panel is the only commercially available AAV serotype testing kit that offers you the flexibility to customize your AAV panel with any 3 or more AAV serotypes from our wide collection of 18 serotypes, based on your project needs.

Ordering information
Product Catalog No. Titer & Volume Unit Price (USD) Availability
In vitro grade AAV serotype testing panel (EGFP) PANEL-AAVS01 ~1012 GC/ml, 25 ul, PBS buffer $59 per aliquot In stock
In vivo grade AAV serotype testing panel (EGFP) PANEL-AAVSP01 ~1013 GC/ml, 25 ul, PBS buffer $109 per aliquot In stock

a. Our standard AAV serotype collection includes AAVs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.2, 7, 8, 9, rh10, DJ, DJ/8, PHP.eB, PHP.S, AAV2-retro, AAV2-QuadYF and AAV2.7m8.
b. The AAVs packaged in this offering are ssAAVs. If you need scAAVs (self-complementary AAVs), please send a design request to us.
c. A minimum of three different serotypes is required for each panel. To customize and order your panel, please send a design request to us.

Technical information

The AAV serotype testing panel contains premade AAVs expressing EGFP using our highly optimized AAV vector system. Our AAV vector system is optimized for high copy number replication in E. coli, high-titer packaging of live virus, efficient transduction of host cells, and high-level transgene expression. This viral vector can be packaged into virus using all known capsid serotypes, is capable of very high transduction efficiency, and presents a low safety risk.

Figure 1. Map of the EGFP-expressing AAV vector.

View fully annotated map and sequence of the EGFP expressing AAV vector

Many strains of AAV have been identified in nature. They are divided into different serotypes based on different antigenicity of the capsid protein on the viral surface. Different serotypes can render the virus with different tissue tropism (i.e. tissue specificity of infection). When our AAV vectors are packaged into the virus, different serotypes can be conferred to the virus by using different capsid proteins for the packaging. The AAV serotype testing panel is designed for a systematic comparison of the tissue specificity of multiple AAV serotypes to help you select the optimal serotype for your experiment. The tables below list the tissue specificity conferred by different AAV serotypes.

Serotype Tissue tropism
AAV1 Smooth muscle, CNS, lung, retina, inner earpancreas, heart, liver
AAV2 Smooth muscle, CNS, liver, kidney, retina, inner ear
AAV3 Smooth muscle, liver, lung
AAV4 CNS, retina, lung, kidney
AAV5 Smooth muscle, CNS, lung, retina
AAV6 Smooth muscle, heart, lung, adipose, liver
AAV6.2 Lung, liver, inner ear
AAV7 Smooth muscle, retina, CNS, liver
AAV8 Smooth muscle, CNS, retina, inner earliver, pancreas, heart, kidney, adipose
AAV9 Smooth muscle, lung, liver, heart, pancreas, CNS, retina, inner ear, testes, kidney
AAVrh10 Smooth muscle, lung, liver, heart, pancreas, CNS, retina, kidney
AAV-DJ Liver, heart, kidney, spleen
AAV-DJ/8 Liver, brain, spleen
AAV2-retro Spinal nerves 
AAV2-QuadYF Endothelial cell
AAV2.7m8 Retina, inner ear

Tissue type Recommended AAV serotypes
Smooth muscle AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV5, AAV6, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10
Brain AAV1, AAV2, AAV5, AAV7, AAV8, AAV-DJ/8
Retina AAV1, AAV2, AAV4, AAV5, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10, AAV2.7m8
Inner ear AAV1, AAV2, AAV6.2, AAV8, AAV9, AAV2.7m8
Lung AAV1, AAV3, AAV4, AAV5, AAV6, AAV6.2, AAV9, AAVrh10
Liver AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV6, AAV6.2, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10, AAV-DJ, AAV-DJ/8
Pancreas AAV1, AAV2, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10
Heart AAV1,AAV4, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10, AAV-DJ
Kidney AAV2, AAV4, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10, AAV-DJ, AAV-DJ/8
Adipose AAV6, AAV8, AAV9
Testes AAV2, AAV9
Spleen AAV-DJ, AAV-DJ/8
Spinal nerves AAV2-retro
Endothelial cells AAV2-QuadYF