GMP Facilities

VectorBuilder has >100,000 sq ft of modern GMP facilities with advanced designs and state-of-the-art equipment. The facilities are divided into four major areas designated as NK5, NK6, HS3 and HS4. Except for HS3 and a part of HS4 which are due to become operational in January 2022, all the other areas are currently fully operational. With all the areas combined, our facilities include:

  • 10 GMP manufacturing suites: Designed for plasmid, viral vector and cell line production at various scales, each with independent airflow; Grade A BSC in Grade B/C environment; BSL-2 certified.

  • Fill/finish suites: Grade A isolator in Grade C environment.

  • QC laboratories: Multiple lab suites totaling 9,500 sq ft for a wide range of QC assays.

  • Process and analytical development suites: Multiple GMP suites totaling 8,400 sq ft for PD/pilot runs; Grade A BSC in Grade C environment; BSL-2 certified.

All our facilities are designed to meet GMP regulations and guidelines of US, EU, Japan, China and PIC/S. They are suitable for Phase I/II/III and commercial manufacturing.

HS3 Facility

HS4 Facility

NK6 Facility

NK5 Facility

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