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Mutagenesis (for Vectors)

If you need to introduce mutations into your vectors of interest, whether for knocking out gene function, mapping protein functional domains, or characterizing gene regulatory elements, VectorBuilder can deliver your mutant vectors for unbeatable prices with rapid turnaround. A variety of mutations can be introduced into your vectors, including base substitutions and insertions/deletions (indels). The deliverables of our mutagenesis services are E. coli stocks containing the mutant vectors. All final vectors are 100% sequence verified. Outsourcing cloning and mutagenesis to VectorBuilder is proven to be much cheaper than the cost of DIY, let alone savings on your time, effort and headaches.
How do I obtain mutagenesis service?
You can obtain these cloning services as follows:
  • Using our highly intuitive free online vector design platform, you can design a custom vector containing the desired mutations in just a minute or two. To use the design platform, click the Design My Vector button on the homepage. As an example, if you wish to introduce a point mutation into your gene of interest (GOI) expressed from a lentiviral vector, you can first design a lentivirus vector with the wildtype GOI sequence. You can then edit the GOI sequence to introduce the desired mutation. This sequence change will be tracked by the online design tool so you can easily see the mutation whenever you view your vector design in the future. After you have designed your vector, you can drop it into your shopping cart to order the cloning service for the vector and any other related services such as plasmid DNA preparation and virus packaging.
  • If you are unable to use our online tool to design your desired vector, just submit your needs to us by clicking the Request Design Support button on our homepage. Our experienced scientists will design your mutant vectors for you for free and address your other service needs.
Price and turnaround time
Prices and turnaround times for our mutagenesis services are highly dependent on the vectors used, the nature of the mutations, and the availability of template DNA. Once you have completed your vector design, you can request price and turnaround information by clicking the Get Price button. Our staff will then evaluate your vector and get back to you typically within 1-2 business days.
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