Virus Packaging Plasmids

VectorBuilder offers GMP-like and GMP-grade lentivirus and AAV packaging plasmids for the manufacturing of pre-clinical and clinical viral vectors for gene and cell therapies. Produced in our state-of-the-art facilities, each plasmid has been optimized to produce high titers of virus and has undergone thorough quality control.

Plasmids offered

We offer the following GMP-like and GMP-grade plasmids:


  • Optimized and validated for high virus yield
  • Off-the-shelf plasmids available for immediate use
  • Plasmids produced under animal-free and antibiotic-free conditions
  • Royalty free
  • DMFs available simplifying FDA IND application
  • Kan resistance

Grades of Packaging Plasmid Offered

GMP-like viral vectors for preclinical studies and GMP-grade plasmid for clinical and commercial use.
  • GMP-like plasmid

    GMP-like plasmid DNA is intended for pre-clinical studies such as animal testing of drug safety and metabolism. It is produced in a manner that adopts key features of GMP guidelines, including comparable production process and similar quality attributes. Production is performed in segregated production suites with document control and traceability. GMP-like grade can thus be viewed as a small-scale mimic of the final GMP product, but with much lower cost and faster timeline. A certificate of analysis (COA) and TSE/BSE statements are provided at product release.

  • GMP-grade plasmid

    GMP-grade plasmid DNA is produced in our certified GMP suite with strict adherence to GMP guidelines. A comprehensive quality assurance system is implemented throughout the production process. A wide range of in-process and release QC assays are performed to ensure that the plasmid DNA meets or exceeds the desired quality and safety standards. A batch release report fully documenting the production process and a COA are provided at product release.

    Learn more about our GMP plasmid manufacturing
  • Lentivirus packaging plasmids VB-VSV-G, VB-Rev, VB-Gag/Pol
  • AAV packaging plasmids VB-AAV-Helper, VB-AAV2-Rep/Cap, VB-AAV9-Rep/Cap
5 mgPlease inquirePlease inquire
10 mg


Quality Control and Release Criteria

The list below summarizes the main QC assays and specifications for the release of GMP-like and GMP-grade plasmid.

Plasmid concentrationUV spectrophotometry>500 ug/ml1 mg/ml
pHpH meterReport resultReport result
Restriction digestionAgarose gel electrophoresisIdentical to expected restriction patternIdentical to expected restriction pattern
Sanger sequencingSanger sequencing of the entire plasmidIdentical to reference sequenceIdentical to reference sequence
A260/A280UV spectrophotometry1.80-2.001.80-2.00
ccc plasmid DNA ratioEtBr stained agarose gel electrophoresis≥80%≥80%
Residual proteinBCA or equivalent≤2.00%≤2.00%
Residual RNAFluorescence analysis or equivalent≤5.00%≤5.00%
Residual host cell DNAQuantitative PCR or equivalent≤5.00%≤5.00%
EndotoxinKinetic chromogenic assay≤50 EU/mg≤10 EU/mg
SterilityDirect inoculationNo growthNo growth


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