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VB UltraStable™ Chemically Competent Cells

VB UltraStable™ chemically competent cells are designed to achieve high transformation efficiency (>1x109 cfu/ug) and to propagate DNA plasmids with unstable elements such as repeated sequences. Whether you are doing routine cloning or high-throughput cloning, our host cells offer you the comprehensive technical solutions to meet a wide range of cloning needs.

  • Lacks the ability to undergo homologous recombination due to the mutations introduced in the recA gene.
  • Suitable for cloning and hosting of lentiviral, retroviral vectors and vectors with repeated sequences and unstable fragments.
  • High efficiency for Gateway Cloning, because the cells lack the functional ccdAB operon.
  • Can produce high quality plasmid DNA due to the endA mutation (the plasmids won't be digested by endonuclease).
  • T1 phage resistant due to the fhuA mutation.
  • Can be used for blue/white screening because it expresses the omega-fragment of the LacZ gene.

Ordering Information Price Match

Component Amount Storage Temperature
VB UltraStableTM Chemically Competent Cells 10x100 ul -80°C
pUC19 plasmid DNA 20 uI, 50 ng/ul -20°C
S.O.C. medium 5 ml 4°C or at room temperature
Shipping and storage

Cryopreserved cells are shipped on dry ice. Upon receiving, competent cells should be stored at -80°C for long-term storage. S.O.C. medium and pUC19 plasmid DNA can be stored at -80°C for long-term storage, or at 4°C for up to two weeks.

Technical Information

Strain information

F’[∆ccdAB proAB+ lacIq lacZ∆M15 zzf::Tn10 (TetR)] recA1 endA1 fhuA mcrA ∆(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80dlacZ∆M15 ∆(ara, leu)7697 araD139 ∆lacX74 galK16 galE15 e14- relA1 nupG rpsL (StrR) rph spoT1

Antibiotic resistance

Streptomycin, tetracycline

Strain origin

E.coli K-12

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Certificate of Analysis (COA) User Instructions
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