Vector Cloning

As the world's largest provider of custom vector DNA cloning services, VectorBuilder can make virtually any custom vector tailored to your research needs. Over 100 vector systems on our platform have been optimized through extensive R&D work, and all have been validated by in vitro and, where applicable, in vivo testing. Besides molecular cloning, we also offer many related services such as virus packaging (lentivirus, AAV, adenovirus, MMLV, baculovirus, etc.), library construction, BAC modification, stable cell line generation, plasmid DNA preparation, mutagenesis, and RNA preparation.
How do I obtain custom vector cloning services?
VectorBuilder serves as an online vector core where you can obtain cloning services in one of the following three ways from the VectorBuilder homepage:

By default, we ship vectors in the format of E. coli stocks. Upon request, small amounts of plasmid DNA can be provided if available. Two scales of high-quality plasmid DNA can be purchased when you add vector cloning services into your shopping cart: Miniprep (> 10 ug) and Maxiprep (> 300 ug, endotoxin-free, sterile).

Quality control

All of VectorBuilder constructed vectors come with a 100% sequence guarantee. Our vectors undergo stringent quality control to ensure that they contain the correct sequence exactly as designed. Common QC includes DNA quantification, A260/280 measurement, restriction enzyme digestion, Sanger sequencing, recovering bacteria from glycerol stocks, and re-transformation.

Price and turnaround time
As a leading custom DNA cloning company, VectorBuilder offers top-quality custom plasmid construction services at unbeatable prices with rapid turnaround times. Outsourcing cloning to us is often cheaper than the cost of reagents you will need to do it yourself, let alone saving your time, effort and the frustration associated with cloning. Prices and turnaround times are based on the criteria below.
These are vectors built from VectorBuilder's standard backbones and standard components.
Price and turnaround time for basic vectors:
Vector Type Price (USD) Turnaround*
shRNA vector $99 7-14 days
gRNA vector (single-gRNA) $99 7-14 days
gRNA vector (dual-gRNA) $289 13-21 days
Expression vector $159 10-16 days

* Estimated turnaround is the time from production initiation to completion. It does not include waiting time for any customer-supplied materials (e.g. template DNA), QC of such materials, and transit time for shipping final deliverables to the customer.

These are vectors using VectorBuilder's standard backbones, but which contain complex components that need to be created. They typically require multiple steps to build, and often involve complicated procedures such as amplification of large fragments from template DNA, fusion of multiple fragments, de novo gene synthesis, and targeted mutagenesis.

Additional price and turnaround time for complex vectors:
Cloning Procedure Additional Price (USD) Additional Turnaround
Insertion of one PCR fragment (≤7 kb) $80 5-10 days
Insertion of two fused PCR fragments (≤7 kb) $100 5-11 days
Insertion of three fused PCR fragments (≤7 kb) $130 5-12 days
Insertion of four fused PCR fragments (≤7 kb) $160 5-14 days
Insertion of five fused PCR fragments (≤7 kb) $180 5-19 days
De novo gene synthesis (<1.5 kb) $0.12/bp* 6-10 days
De novo gene synthesis (1.5-3 kb) $0.14/bp* 10-14 days
De novo gene synthesis (3-5 kb) $0.16/bp* 10-16 days
De novo gene synthesis (5-7 kb) $0.18/bp* 16-20 days
Mutagenesis from $100/site 7-9 days

* The de novo gene synthesis fee may be higher when 1) the fragment contains regions that are difficult to synthesize such as high GC content, simple repeats or segmental repeats; 2) fewer than three DNA fragments are synthesized.

These are vectors built from backbones provided by the customer rather than using our own standard backbones. The customer-supplied backbone is first validated by restriction digest and sequencing of key regions before cloning. Prices for cloning non-standard vectors are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Customer-supplied materials

If customer-supplied materials such as backbones or gene templates are required, please submit your materials information on "Support" > "Materials Submission Form". Please strictly follow our guidelines to set up shipment to our cloning core facility to avoid any delay or damage of materials. All customer-supplied materials undergo mandatory QC by VectorBuilder which may incur a $100 surcharge for each item. Please note that production can not be initiated until customer-supplied materials pass QC.

Premade vectors

In addition to custom vector cloning, VectorBuilder offers a variety of premade vectors which are often used as control or helper vectors.

Click here to view our premade control vectors >>
Click here to view our premade helper vectors >>

Please refer to our Vector FAQ for commonly asked technical questions. To get additional information about what we can offer, please contact VectorBuilder's service team following the contact information here.