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Press Release   |   Jan 11, 2023

Again! VectorBuilder grabs top prize in major innovation competition

VectorBuilder Inc. - a global leader in gene delivery technologies - raked in another championship in the 11th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition held in Shenzhen, China. This award came on the heels of the company’s top prize in the 7th “Chuangke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Competition” held in Hangzhou, China in November, 2022.

This keenly contested annual competition is a highly influential event in China, during which growth-stage high-technology companies present their most brilliant innovations across multiple industries including IT, biomedicine, precision manufacturing, new materials, and green energy. This year, more than 38,000 companies participated and VectorBuilder captured the top prize with its "transformative gene delivery technologies that set new industry standards."

VectorBuilder provides gene delivery solutions for both basic research and clinical needs including CGT. It offers a full spectrum of CRO, CDMO, and IP out-licensing services. VectorBuilder’s innovative e-commerce platform, one of the most noteworthy highlights of its services, enables researchers to easily design and order custom vectors online. As the platform keeps gaining popularity among researchers, VectorBuilder has grown into a global leader in a wide range of gene delivery services. Thus far, VectorBuilder has delivered CRO and CDMO services to thousands of academic institutions and biotech/pharma companies around the globe.

“We are honored to be recognized again as the most innovative company in this competition. We feel privileged to have garnered two major innovation awards in a row, which attests to our leadership position in gene delivery technologies.” Dr. Bruce Lahn, VectorBuilder's chief scientist, commented, “As a technology pioneer, we strive to develop innovative solutions to address the major pain points of gene delivery applications in research and medicine.”

About VectorBuilder Inc.

VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner of thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies around the world, VectorBuilder is the one-stop shop for the design, development, and optimization of gene delivery solutions from basic research to clinical applications. Its award-winning Vector Design Studio is a transformative innovation that allows researchers to easily design and order custom vectors online, sparing them the tedious work of cloning and packaging vectors in the lab. This global company features high-throughput vector production capacity, vast vector and component inventories, one-on-one CRO solutions including advanced AAV capsid engineering capabilities, and state-of-the-art GMP facilities. Its CGT products have obtained IND approvals from regulatory authorities including the FDA. With cutting-edge R&D and CDMO manufacturing capacity, the VectorBuilder team is committed to providing the most effective gene delivery tools and solutions for life sciences research and genetic medicine.

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