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LNP Encapsulation

VectorBuilder offers lipid nanoparticle (LNP) encapsulation for RNA and plasmid delivery. Our service excels in producing homogeneous LNPs with a high encapsulation efficiency. Additionally, we can help our customers enhance their drug delivery efficiency and target tissues by conjugating tissue-targeting antibodies to LNPs or optimizing the LNP formulations. For large-scale manufacturing of LNP-RNA therapeutics, check out our CDMO services.

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  • Standard (e.g. SM102, ALC-0315, MC3) and custom formulations available
  • Can encapsulate various types of RNA/DNA molecules, including mRNA, saRNA, siRNA, Cas9 mRNA/sgRNA mix, circRNA, pDNA, etc.
  • High encapsulation efficiency (up to 100%)
  • Low (<0.1) polydispersity index (PDI) 
  • Antibody-conjugated LNPs available
IVT Vector
Design & Cloning
IVT RNA Production
LNP Encapsulation
Quality Control (QC)
Functional Validation

Please visit our Therapeutic IVT RNA Development page for more details or try our Premade LNP-RNA products.

Quality Control (QC)

VectorBuilder offers comprehensive QC for LNP encapsulated RNA and plasmids.

Attribute QC assay Research-grade GMP-like
Appearance Visual inspection
Concentration RiboGreen assay
Encapsulation efficiency RiboGreen assay
Particle size Dynamic light scattering (Zetasizer)
Polydispersity index (PDI) Dynamic light scattering (Zetasizer)
Surface charge (Zeta potential) Dynamic light scattering (Zetasizer)
Encapsulated RNA integrity Capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) Optional
Endotoxin Kinetic chromogenic assay (KCA) Optional
pH pH paper Optional
Sterility Bioburden test Optional
LNP-mRNA QC data
LNP-RNA functional validation