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Vector Academy

Vector Academy is our knowledge base that serves as your resource for diving deeper into all things cloning, viruses, and gene delivery. We’re excited to share our expertise and what we’ve learned from decades of collective experience with you.
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Unleashing the Power of Oncolytic Viruses: Design Strategies for Maximum Efficacy

Keywords: Oncolytic virus, tumor targeting, immune stimulation

A deep dive into the attributes and design of recombinant viruses for use as potent oncolytic agents in the clinic and why HSV and VACV are ideal oncolytic virus candidates.

Shine Bright, Little Cell: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Reporter Gene

Keywords: Reporter genes, fluorescent reporters, luciferase assay

Discover primary reporter types and navigate the roadmap to find whether fluorescent reporters, luciferase, or beta-galactosidase is the best option to detect and measure your gene or element of interest.

Me First! How Do I Optimize a Vector with Multiple Genes?

Keywords: Bicistronic vector, 2A peptide, linker

This guide provides key considerations and troubleshooting tips for constructing vectors with multiple genes, including which linker to use and the importance of optimizing order.

Precision Genetics: Navigating the Cre-lox Toolbox

Keywords: Cre recombinase, conditional knockout, Cre-lox system

The Cre-Lox system, featuring Cre recombinase and loxP sites, is a cornerstone of genetic engineering, enabling precise control over gene expression and modification.

Snip Snap: Time for Transposons

Keywords: Transposable elements, transposase, PiggyBac

Learn about optimization strategies gene delivery systems using transposons and transposases. Here we compare different systems like piggyBac, Sleeping Beauty, and Tol2, detailing their integration mechanisms, carrying capacities, and target preferences.

Driving CAR-T Therapy in the Clinic and with CRISPR

Keywords: CAR-T cell therapy, Kymriah CAR-T, immunotherpy

A deep dive into the biology behind CAR-T vectors, their clinical applications, and how CRISPR/Cas9 is being used to create the next generation of CAR therapeutics.


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