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Vector Design and Cloning

VectorBuilder is an all-inclusive provider for your advanced gene delivery needs. Our revolutionary web-based platform combines intuitive vector design with streamlined online ordering, allowing you to easily obtain unlimited custom vectors. We also offer custom cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, virus packaging, and other services with unbeatable prices and rapid turnaround, saving you time and money while advancing your research.

Why get your vectors from VectorBuilder?

sequence optimization

Comprehensive Online Design Platform

We offer a free, user-friendly tool with a vast collection of validated vector backbones and components for unlimited sequence customization.

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Integrated Vector Cloning and Downstream Services

Streamlined custom cloning with instant pricing and comprehensive downstream services, including plasmid preparation, virus packaging, library construction, and cell line engineering, all with rigorous QC.

sequence optimization

VectorBuilder vs. In-house Cloning

Save cost and time to get high-performance vectors with our expertise and 100% sequence guarantee.

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VectorBuilder vs. Other Suppliers

Get experiment-ready vectors with transparent pricing, fast turnaround, guaranteed quality, and reduced communication cost via our online platform.


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Educational Resources
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