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Press Release   |   Jul 26, 2023

Recent Cash Injection Boosts VectorBuilder to Unicorn Status

Gene delivery technologies are turning into the next big-ticket item globally, as the most recent investment received by VectorBuilder Inc., a global leader in this field, from multiple venture capital firms has shown. The latest cash injection builds on the $57 million Series C funding completed in November last year, which brings the total amount raised to date to just over $76 million and propels the organization to unicorn status with over $1 billion valuation.

While the Series C funding, led by Legend Capital, is supporting the construction of VectorBuilder’s new ‘Gene Delivery Research and Manufacturing Campus’ in Guangzhou, China, the latest cash injection is aimed at further cementing the company’s status as a trusted partner for thousands of labs, biotech, and pharma companies around the world.

VectorBuilder’s new Campus is primed to amplify its R&D and production capacity for both research-use and cGMP-grade gene delivery vectors. The campus will feature a cutting-edge CDMO facility armed with 30 production suites for cGMP manufacturing of plasmids, mRNA, AAV, lentivirus, cell lines, and a variety of viral and non-viral vectors.

The campus will also host a dedicated research institute focused on developing new gene delivery technologies that surpass current tools in delivery efficiency, targeting specificity, payload, safety, and manufacturing cost. These advancements are designed to address the growing clinical demand, such as gene therapy, vector-based vaccines, and virus-based cancer therapeutics. The campus, with roughly 1,100,000 SF of floor space, will accommodate more than 2,000 VectorBuilder staff members. This project is a key piece in VectorBuilder's global expansion plan, with additional R&D and manufacturing sites earmarked for the US, Europe, and Japan.

But why has gene delivery become such a hot property?

Gene delivery technologies enable precise manipulation of genetic information in cells and organisms. Besides being the workhorse of life sciences research for many decades, gene delivery technologies offer the ability to correct genetic disorders, develop personalized medicine, and even enhance crop yields. This has sparked tremendous interest among scientists, clinicians, and industry leaders, making it a sought-after area of innovation and investment.

"For researchers in academia and industry, gene delivery solutions that streamline the journey from bench to bedside are a game-changer," said Dr. Bruce Lahn, Chief Scientist at VectorBuilder. "At VectorBuilder, we offer innovative platforms that empower scientists to easily design and construct virtually any vectors for their gene delivery applications in both basic science and medicine. Our mission is to build any vectors needed to empower our customers around the world to make the next big breakthroughs in research and therapy."

“VectorBuilder is the global leader in gene delivery technologies, offering comprehensive solutions from research to clinical applications," said Jeff Wang, Managing Director of Legend Capital. “With Dr. Lahn's expertise and an innovative gene delivery service platform, VectorBuilder is serving thousands of top biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes. We believe VectorBuilder has a promising future as the genetic medicine industry develops."

VectorBuilder currently has over 600 employees worldwide, 60% more than the year prior. The organization has been profitable even before it started raising funds. From a global perspective, English-speaking markets such as North America, Europe and Australia represent nearly 70% of the organization's current business, with Asia Pacific markets such as China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore making up the balance. With clients in over 90 countries and counting, VectorBuilder aims to give access to its’ innovative gene delivery technologies to labs across the world.

About VectorBuilder Inc.

VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner of thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies around the world, VectorBuilder is the one-stop shop for the design, development, and optimization of gene delivery solutions from basic research to clinical applications. Its award-winning Vector Design Studio is a transformative innovation that allows researchers to easily design and order custom gene delivery vectors online, sparing them the tedious work of constructing vectors on their own in the lab. This global company features high-throughput vector production capacity, vast vector and component inventories, one-on-one CRO solutions including advanced AAV capsid engineering capabilities, and state-of-the-art GMP facilities. Its CGT products have obtained IND approvals from regulatory authorities including the FDA. With cutting-edge R&D and CDMO manufacturing capacity, the VectorBuilder team is committed to providing the most effective gene delivery tools and solutions for life sciences research and genetic medicine.

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