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Press Release   |   Nov 01, 2022

VectorBuilder raised $57 million for gene delivery R&D

VectorBuilder Inc. – a global leader in gene delivery technologies – recently announced the completion of $57 million funding, which was co-led by Legend Capital. The fund will support the construction of VectorBuilder’s new Gene Delivery Research and Manufacturing Campus, and further boost the company’s R&D capabilities and global business presence.

VectorBuilder was initially established in 2014 to commercialize its novel e-commerce platform that enabled researchers to design and order custom vectors online. This award-winning platform quickly gained popularity and propelled VectorBuilder to grow at an explosive pace in the ensuing years. Now VectorBuilder has become a leading provider of gene delivery solutions for both basic research and genetic medicine, and offers a full spectrum of CRO, CDMO, and IP out-licensing services. 

VectorBuilder operates as a multinational company with branches in North America, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Australia, and has over 50,000 customers from over 4,000 organizations in over 80 countries around the world. VectorBuilder’s CDMO products have entered IND in many countries and received approval from the FDA and other regulatory authorities.

Dr. Bruce Lahn, Chief Scientist of VectorBuilder, commented: "The fund will significantly speed up the construction of our 100,000 square meter Gene Delivery Research and Manufacturing Campus that was launched in April this year. It will also boost several major R&D projects we have undertaken such as the AAV Superbank initiative. With this funding, we can go full throttle in developing innovative gene delivery technologies that will make research more efficient, and genetic medicine more effective and affordable."

About VectorBuilder Inc.

VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner in thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies around the world, VectorBuilder is a one-stop shop for the design, development and optimization of gene delivery solutions from basic research to clinical applications. Its award-winning Vector Design Studio is a transformative innovation that allows researchers to easily design and order custom vectors online, freeing them from the tedious work of cloning and packaging vectors in the lab. The global company boasts high-throughput vector production capacity, vast vector and component inventories, one-on-one CRO solutions including advanced AAV capsid engineering capabilities, and state-of-the-art GMP facilities. With leading R&D and CDMO manufacturing capacity, the VectorBuilder team strives to provide the most effective gene delivery solutions and develop new tools for life sciences research and genetic medicine.

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