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How to obtain technical information on vectors?

VectorBuilder strives to be a community resource for all things related to vectors. Comprehensive educational materials on our vector systems and vector components are provided under Learning Center on the menu bar, including:

  • Guide to Vector Systems: This page describes all the vector systems available on VectorBuilder.
  • Guide to Vector Components: This page describes all the popular components offered by VectorBuilder.
  • Vector FAQ: This page addresses many questions that users frequently encounter when designing and using vectors.

VectorBuilder also offers many free bioinformatics tools to assist you in designing and analyzing your vectors, such as sequence alignment, shRNA target design, and gRNA off-target analysis. These tools are placed under Tools on the menu bar.

If none of these materials provides the information you need, you can also contact us by email or phone via the contact info available under the menu item Support > Contac Us.

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