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Asking us to design vectors for you

Sometimes, you may have trouble designing your vector on VectorBuilder (for example, you need to use a backbone not available on VectorBuilder). Then just go to VectorBuilder’s homepage, and click Request Design Support to submit a description of your desired vector. Our highly experienced scientists will design it for you for free, and send the design to you along with price and turnaround information in case you wish to order cloning service.

Searching our standard vectors for your gene of interest

You also have the option to search for popular vector designs for your gene of interest by clicking on Find Popular Vectors from VectorBuilder's homepage. Whenever you search for any gene using this option, a list of standard vector designs for gene expression and gene knockdown using VectorBuilder’s standard backbones will be displayed. This option also allows you to check if any pre-made vectors for your gene of interest are available in our inventory. You can then select the vector of your choice to view its fully annotated map and sequence and make further modifications to the design if required. 

Design My Vector Request Design Support