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Rules for assembling vector name as illustrated by an example

Vector name: pLV[Exp]-Hygro-CMV>FLAG/hRHO[NM_000539.3]*/10xHis:IRES:3xNLS/EGFP/HA


LV: Vector backbone is lentivirus.

Exp: Biological application is mammalian gene expression.

Hygro: Marker gene is hygromycin B resistance gene.

CMV: Promoter for driving the gene of interest is CMV.

FLAG/hRHO[NM_000539.3]*/10xHis:IRES:3xNLS/EGFP/HA: The gene of interest is a polycistron containing multiple ORFs. The first ORF is hRHO[NM_000539.3], whose sequence is modified by the user (indicated by *), and is tagged with FLAG at the N terminus and 10xHis at the C terminus. It is followed by IRES, and then followed by the second ORF, which is EGFP tagged with 3xNLS at the N terminus and HA at the C terminus.

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