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Customer-Supplied Materials

All customer-supplied materials must be submitted in accordance with the Materials Submission Guidelines. Failure to properly label items and include the required information as set forth in the Materials Submission Guidelines may result in materials not being received in a timely manner, or at all in the event of the shipment being returned to sender. VectorBuilder is not responsible for lost or spoiled materials, or order delays caused by materials that are not shipped in accordance with the Materials Submission Guidelines or do not perform as intended.

The customer acknowledges that their materials are not pathogenic, infectious or toxic, and do not pose any risk to human health and public safety. The customer agrees to defend VectorBuilder at their expense and will indemnify and hold VectorBuilder harmless for any damages and losses arising out of the use of their materials by VectorBuilder, the use of VectorBuilder products and services derived from the materials by the customer, or any third party claims related to the materials or their derivatives.

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