Terms & Conditions

  • By placing this order, the client contracts us to deliver services/products as listed above at the specified price.
  • Except specifying in supplementary agreement, our default payment term is Net30.
  • Estimated turnaround time is defined as the time from initiation to completion of production, which does not include the time required to obtain and QC customer-provided materials, or the time to ship final deliverables to the customer.
  • If the order contains several services that must occur sequentially, the turnaround time given for a service does not include the time needed to complete the preceding services.
  • We will strive to meet the estimated turnaround time, but cannot fully rule out unforeseen circumstances that might cause delays (e.g., a vector is difficult to construct due to its toxicity to host E. coli or tendency to rearrange). Should this occur, we will try our best minimize the delay. We are not responsible for any shipment-related delays as they are outside of our control.
  • Our custom-built plasmid vectors are guaranteed to match the designed sequences. On rare occasions however, the finished vector could contain slight differences from the original design in nonfunctional regions due to changes in cloning strategy. Should this occur, we will consider the vector as fulfilling our contractual obligation, and will notify the client of the revised sequence. Very rarely, functional regions of a vector could contain mutations relative to the original design due to sequence polymorphisms in our template DNA used during vector cloning. Should this happen, we will notify the client of the revised sequence. If the mutations are silent coding changes, we will consider the vector as fulfilling our contractual obligation. If the mutations are non-silent coding changes or are in noncoding functional regions, we will give the client the option to remake the vector without additional charge. Please note that because our templates originate from natural sequences such as cDNA, any polymorphisms on them, including non-silent coding changes, should be compatible with function.
  • The price of a vector is often based on the assumption that template DNA needed for cloning such as cDNA is already in our possession or can be obtained with minimal cost. In rare cases, this assumption could turn out to be incorrect, in which case we have to synthesize the template de novo at a much higher cost. Should this happen, we will inform the client of the higher cost. The client can choose to cancel the vector or proceed with the higher cost. In the latter case, we will send the client a supplemental quote for the additional cost.
  • The following applies to cases where the client will provide DNA template for use in vector cloning: DNA should be at a concentration ≥50 ng/µL and a volume ≥10 µL. The client should provide the full sequence of the template region and preferably a map of the template construct. The client is fully responsible for the accuracy of the sequence supplied. If the template DNA contains mutations relative to the theoretical sequence supplied, we will consider the resulting vector carrying these mutations as fulfilling our contractual obligation.
  • In rare cases of highly risky projects, partial or full nonrefundable payments may be required depending on risk levels prior to project initiation. Customer approval will be requested before initiating such projects. We will make every effort to complete the projects successfully, including repeats and alternative approaches where appropriate. But given the risky nature of such projects, success will not be guaranteed.
  • While we have done extensive R&D work to optimize our vectors, it remains possible that a vector will not perform as intended due to biological complexity of the vector or the model system in which it is applied. We therefore cannot guarantee particular biological outcome of the vectors.
  • For virus packaging service, our titer guarantee only applies to vectors for which the region being packaged into virus is below the recommended upper range for each type of viral vector (see table below). For sizes over this range, it may still be possible to package the vector into virus, but undesired effects may occur.
    Virus Type Upper Limit of Viral Genome Effect of Oversized Genome
    Adeno-associated virus (AAV) 4.7 kb (from 5’ ITR to 3’ ITR) Region packaged into the virus may be truncated and result in loss-of-function.
    Adenovirus 38.7 kb (from 5’ ITR to 3’ ITR) The adenoviral genome may be unstable, and rearrangement may occur during packaging.
    Lentivirus 9.2 kb (from 5’ LTR-ΔU3 to 3’ LTR-ΔU3) Titer may be reduced.
    MMLV retrovirus 8 kb (from MMLV 5' LTR to MMLV 3' LTR) Titer may be reduced.
    MSCV retrovirus 8 kb (from MSCV 5' LTR to MSCV 3' LTR) Titer may be reduced.

    Additionally, we are not able to guarantee titer for the following vectors:

    • Vectors containing sequences that could adversely affect the packaging process such as toxic genes (e.g. proapoptotic genes), genes that compromise the integrity of packaging cells or virus (e.g. membrane proteins that cause cell aggregation), and sequences prone to rearrangements or secondary structures (e.g. repetitive or highly GC-rich sequences).
    • Customer-supplied transfer plasmids containing undisclosed sequences or atypical functional elements (e.g. ITR, LTR) that may introduce uncertainties to packaging efficiency.
    • Customer-supplied packaging plasmid and/or helper plasmid (e.g. rep-cap, and gag-pol plasmid).
    • AAV serotypes 4, 6 and DJ/8 which can only achieve 30-50% of the titer of the other serotypes.
  • If an order cannot be completed due to unforeseen biological difficulties (e.g. the vector to be constructed contains highly unstable sequences or the virus to be packaged carries a toxic gene), or if an order cannot be fulfilled using customer-supplied materials for any reason (e.g. the viral vector from the customer cannot be properly packaged into virus), the customer is responsible for paying for the portion of the order that has been performed irrespective of outcome. If the customer makes new requirements not stipulated in the original order, we may try but cannot promise to fulfill such requirements, and we may ask the customer to share any added cost.
  • Customers canceling projects are only eligible for store credit covering the portion of the project that has not been performed. Customers can also purchase store credit, which is nonrefundable and does not expire. It can be used to buy any VectorBuilder products and services. For customers with unknown or compromised credit history, we reserve the right to request partial or full payment for their purchase orders (POs) before initiation of work or shipment of final deliverable. Orders containing expensive or difficult projects may also require partial or full payment before initiation of work.
  • To track shipping status of the items in your order, please go to VectorBuilder website and visit menu item "Support" > "Track Shipment".
  • For additional terms and conditions, please refer to VectorBuilder website, under menu item "Support" > "Legal Information".