Vectors for ChR2(H134R)

Gene Information

  • Gene Name ChR2(H134R)
  • Type ORF
  • Description A gain-of-function mutant (H134R) of human codon-optimized channelrhodopsin-2 from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Application Notes Compared to ChR2, it has increased light sensitivity, slower channel closing rate, enhanced stationary phtocurrent and modest reduction in desensitisation, but it is less temporally precise; maximum excitation is 470 nm.
  • References Curr Biol. 15:2279 (2005); Exp Physiol. 96:19 (2011)
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Popular Vector Designs for ChR2(H134R)(These vectors can be made very quickly)

Gene Expression Vectors
These designs are created with VectorBuilder’s standard backbones containing a ubiquitous promoter driving the ORF of your gene. A marker (e.g. EGFP) is placed in the vector where appropriate.
Vector Description Vector Type Marker Price
ChR2(H134R) expression regular plasmid vector Mammalian Gene Expression Vector   Guide  From $159
ChR2(H134R) expression lentivirus vector Mammalian Gene Expression Lentiviral Vector   Guide  From $159
ChR2(H134R) expression adenovirus vector Mammalian Gene Expression Adenoviral Vector   Guide  From $159
ChR2(H134R) expression AAV vector Mammalian Gene Expression AAV Vector   Guide  From $159
ChR2(H134R) expression PiggyBac vector Mammalian Gene Expression PiggyBac Vector   Guide  From $159

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