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My Favorite Building Block

Shine Bright, Little Cell: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Reporter Gene
Overview Reporters in molecular biology are molecules that are easy to detect and measure. Read More ››
Snip Snap: Time for Transposons
When designing gene delivery experiments, one of the first questions to address is: will you use viral or non-viral delivery? Read More ››
So Many Viral Options. How Do You Choose?
When planning a gene delivery experiment, one of the first decisions to make is whether you’re going to use a viral or non-viral delivery method. Read More ››
Plasmids Crash Course: Many Hosts, One Plasmid Guest
Plasmids are at the heart of gene delivery experiments, as they can be used to over-express a transgene, knock a gene out, or modulate gene expression. Read More ››
My Favorite Cloning Castle: Plasmids Abound
The more we learn about the world around us, the more resources we have to make life better. Read More ››
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