VectorBuilder offers many popular vector components that users can choose from when designing their vectors. The tables below provide detailed information on these popular components, which are listed separately by category.
Regulatory Elements
Name Description Application Notes References Sequence
WPRE Woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element Enhances virus stability in packaging cells, leading to higher titer of packaged virus; enhances higher expression of transgenes. J Virol. 73:2886 (1999); Hum Gene Ther. 10:2295 (1999) View
oPRE Optimized and truncated version of woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element The potentially oncogenic X protein ORF and X protein promoter have been removed; ATG start sites in ORFs encoding sequences greater than 25 amino acids in length have been mutated. Gene Ther. 13:641 (2006); Hum Gene Ther Methods. 23: 73 (2012) View